Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ode to my heating pad

Oh dear heating pad how our meeting was fate
As my eyes first fell upon your box I knew we were meant to be
Your 12 inch length was just the perfect size
Fate brought us together as there is no one else like you

How I have grown to depend on you dear heating pad
You make my pain bearable
You allow me to sleep when nothing else will
And you never ask anything in return

In the summer you are my enemy and yet I crave your heat
As I lay on you and sweat I curse my need for your help
If only I could stop needing you
But somehow I find myself coming back over and over

For the whole two months of winter I look forward to the time we spend together
Your soft and warm exterior warms my back and my heart
I collapse onto you at the end of the day and know I could never do without you
You are the friend I rely on the most

So please dear heating pad don't leave
Don't fail after a few months like your predecessors
You are better than them you are the one true heating pad
Stand by me as I stand by you
Forever, together, until someone invents better painkillers

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New possible fibromyalgia medication

A new oral medication is showing promise for fibromyalgia treatment, read about it here.

"To everything a season" book review

I had heard Lauraine Snelling was a great author so I was excited to have the opportunity to review one of her books. When I chose this book I made sure it was the first in a series so I would understand what was going on. Unfortunately this book is really a continuation of her other series. A lot of the main characters were from other books and there was very little background provided about them. I spent most of the book confused about who all the characters were and what may or may not have happened to them in other series.

I thought this story was going to be about Mirium and Trygve but it was really about his family and the town of Blessing. I kept skipping ahead looking for supposed main characters because they aren't even mentioned until halfway through the book! This book was clearly meant to build on the other books by the author, so why in the world was this billed as the beginning of a series? If you have read all the author's other books you may like this one, but otherwise stay far far away.

I was given this book by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a fair review.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear Healthy People- congratulations on winning a working body

Dear Healthy People,

Thank you for entering the competition that is life. Congratulations you're a winner! Through a random drawing you have won a working body and mind and I'm so happy for you. Take the time to enjoy the wonderful prize that you have given. Feel free to do whatever you want to do with your prize. You can even stretch the limits of your prize to the max, run a marathon, participate in sports, join crossfit, complete a decathlon, climb a mountain, give birth naturally to ten children, do whatever you whatever you can do! The only thing we ask is that you remember that not everyone won the same prize as you. Some people through no fault of their own came in second, third, or fourth place. Their prize were pretty good and will still allow them to do great things though maybe not as great as you. And then there are the people who came in last.  Remember the competition of life is random those that came in last because they were unlucky.

It's hard to lose a competition through no fault of your own. Sometimes the group that came in last really has a hard time. What you do easily take ten times more effort on their part so they never measure up. It's really hard for them to see you parading around and congratulating yourself on your first place prize. They watch you receive all the glory and attention and it hurts. They know and deep down you know that you didn't do anything special to win your prize, you just got lucky, So when you act like you are better than them it breaks their hearts. When you tote how awesome you are because you won they start to question their worth. They wonder if anyone cares that they came in last and if anyone remembers how hard to is. They look at you enjoying your winnings and they know that you don't remember them.

When you are congratulating yourself on your winnings please don't forgot everyone else. Please remember that you have the privilege, yes that's right the privilege of being able bodied, and you can lose that privilege at any time. Please don't lord yourself over others who didn't win the competition. We rejoice in your triumphs so please rejoice in ours even if they don't look as impressive.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Examples of Ability Privilege

I could go on and on about this subject, instead I'll send you to "19 Example of Ability Privilege"

If you know anyone with chronic illness or a disability, please read this!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What to get for someone with chronic illness

It's that time again, time to think about buying presents for everyone you know. Time to stress about who you may or may not have forgotten. Time to wander the mall aimlessly looking for something to give. Well wander no more, I have a list of some fabulous gifts  I would love and your significant other with a chronic illness will too.

1. The ability to sleep all night

I would love forever the person who could get me this gift. This is me most nights even after I've taken a sedative powerful enough to knock out a horse.

And in the rare instance that I fall asleep after an hour of trying, do not, I repeat DO Not disturb me.

2. A new brain

My brain has been severely impacted by my illness. You might think that constant pain and exhaustion would have no effect on your brain, but once you've left the ice cream in the pantry and the spoon in the freezer you know this is for real. Please please get me a new brain. If you do I promise to donate it to science after I die.

3. A new body

Obviously my body is defective so if you can get me a new one that would be great, it would go great with my new brain. I'll be a changed person after I get my new body! No more 24/7 pain and horrible exhaustion, no more people telling me I'm crazy for knowing something was wrong with my body. I would love you forever if you got me this gift.

4. A good doctor

Good doctors are really hard to find so if you could get one for me that would be great. If you can get the new doctor to come Christmas morning that would be even better. Having a decent doctor pop out from behind the Christmas tree would be astonishing. And then having a doctor  who actually listens are cares about me would be an amazing present. Another acceptable option would be for you to go to medical school yourself and present this gift to me a couple years down the road when you become a doctor.

5. The ability to wear sweatpants everywhere and have it be socially acceptable

Having a chronic illness has made my skin very sensitive. A lot of clothes are very uncomfortable and actually cause me pain, so I wear a lot of sweatpants. The thing is, I know they aren't socially acceptable to wear outside your home unless you're going to Walmart. So if you could create a way to make sweatpants a fashion statement I would be grateful.

6. Reprogram time

I have this problem. My biological clock really likes the midnight to 9:00 am sleep schedule. Unfortunately for me the world is against me. Everyone else thinks it's perfectly acceptable to begin mornings before 7:00 am. That's just not okay, so I'd really like for time to be reprogrammed. For example. if you could change the starting time of my kids' school to about 10:00 that would be great,

I promise that if you get your special someone one of these gifts here, they will be blown away!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Dear Healthy People- No I don't have a job

Dear Healthy People,

Please stop looking at me like I'm a loser when I tell you I'm not working. I would actually love to have a job right now but I'd need one that was about 10 hours a week and those jobs are hard to come by. Most "part time" jobs are 35 hours a week, which means they are really full time but don't want to pay you insurance. So if someone wants to give me a job for a few hours a week I'm all ears.

I know you are thinking "why oh why would a smart and educated young person not have a job"? Well people, I'll give you an example of what my life is like. Yesterday I decided to do some touch up painting on our door frames. No big deal it should be pretty easy, that is if you are a normal person. Unfortunately I tripped over the paint can and spilled half a can of paint on my wood floor. I spent the next hour on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor and as a result today I can barely move. My hands are virtually useless. I can barely type much less do anything functional with them and it's all because I scrubbed the floor. And that is not even taking into account how the rest of my body feels.

That is just one example of what it is like live with a body like mine and I can cite countless other examples. Perhaps if I only had me to take care of I could work. I could survive working a few hours a week if I could come home and crash at the end, but I can't. I have two kids that need a lot of maintenance, maintenance that I have to survive whether I can use my hands or not.

If it weren't for me cleaning and organizing my kids and husband would probably be living in two feet of trash and you would see our house on Hoarders.

If it weren't for me my kids would eat chicken nuggets and candy for every meal instead of healthy made from scratch meals.

 If it weren't for me my kids wouldn't have a loving, involved parents (not that my husband isn't involved, he just works a lot).

If it weren't for me no one would buy my kids Christmas and Birthday presents.

If it weren't for me the bills wouldn't get paid.

If it weren't for me my sick kids would not be taken to the doctor.

If it weren't for me my kids wouldn't be getting any homework done.

If it weren't for me my kids wouldn't have experiences like going to museums and other educational activities.

If it weren't for me no one would make Halloween costumes, purchase Christmas gifts for teachers, buy birthday party gifts for friends, fill out paperwork for field trips etc.

If it weren't for me there would be no groceries in the house.

If it weren't for me my kids wouldn't get to have their friends over and enjoy being kids.

So sure I could get a job, but nothing else that normal humans do to survive would get done. I would have to go to work come home and crash until I went to work the next day, which wouldn't make me a very good parent. I really really wish I could have a job, but the unpredictability of my health really won't allow it at the moment. So please don't tell me you wish you could lie around the house all day long because A) I don't and B) When I do it sucks. Believe me, staying home because you are too weak to move is not a fun thing. It is incredibly hard and depressing to watch people move on with their lives while you are stuck just trying to survive. So please stop asking me why I don't have a job.

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